HONOLULU (KHON2) — Those who are against the proposal say the city council is rushing the bill and would prefer that they start over to get things right.

“Including but not limited to premade sandwiches, desserts, or pies, noodles, salads, parfaits, and drinks. So this is meant to accommodate the ABC stores and the 7/11 stores,” said Public Safety Committee Chairman Tommy Waters.

Councilman Tommy Waters painstakingly went through the changes he has made to the plastic ban bill to get the food industry to support the proposal. But some business owners say it will drastically hurt their bottom line.

“I still think the bill is confusing. I still think we should probably start all over again, try something new, try something that’s got a better base,” said Jimmy Chan, who opposed the plastic bill ban.

I think it’s important that we wait we slow down a little bit and make sure that we have what we need in the bill to be implementable, just implementable. We’re gonna have to start somewhere but don’t rush this through.

Councilmember Kymberly Pine says lawmakers have been trying to ban plastic utensils, straws, as well as styrofoam containers for several years. And the food industry has always pushed against it.

“It is important for the industry to get together, suck something up cause you’re not gonna use those tactics on us anymore is what we’re trying to say,” said Pine.

Supporters of the bill say it’s the only way to significantly reduce the waste that’s polluting the island.

“These were collected from Ala Moana Beach Park and we need to get rid of these.”

“None of those things have put anybody out of business because they can all be changed to paper bags, to compostable plates, compostable straws, compostable utensils.”

The bill now moves forward for a third and final full council vote next month.