HONOLULU (KHON2) — Throughout the pandemic people were more inclined to be generous by tipping, volunteering, donating and paying it forward more often. 

Waikoloa Noa with The Valley Health Bar is one of those businesses that dedicates time and money to giving back. 

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The Valley Health Bar is a restaurant located in Honolulu. They specialize in healthy meals for breakfast and lunch. 

In January of 2022 they created the “Aloha Board” as a way of giving back to the community organically.

“There’re times when nurses would come in and their card wouldn’t work and instead of them not getting a meal to eat, I would tell them don’t worry about it,” said Noa. “I would share with them that myself and the community know what a crazy two and a half years it’s been, and we appreciate all they do on the front line.”

What Noa would then do is comp their meal. He said at The Valley Health Bar they love serving their community delicious food that is healthy for the body. He said the types of people who come in are generous people that love to give back. 

“There’s also times when homeless would come in disgruntled and ask for a cup of water and I’d say, you can have something to eat also,” said Noa. “Sometimes customers in the shop would say, ‘I’ll take care of his meal, or I’ll pay for that’ and that’s how the board got its light.”

Noa said he sometimes feels like there are so many things in the world that has been separating the community and it’s nice to go in the opposite direction and take part in the rebuilding of Aloha. 

“As for participation to the board, all are welcome to ‘Give Aloha’ to the next person,” said Noa. “The board has categories such as teacher, nurse, houseless, HPD, single parent , HFD, college walk-on, lifeguard etc.…” 

For those interested in stopping by and comping a meal at The Valley Health bar you can do so anytime. For hours of operation click here

“Our mission besides trying to bring light in dark times is to have Hawai’i think about eating a little cleaner,” said Noa. “Hawai’i suffers from the spoon and the fork with us being one of the highest states for diabetes.”

Noa said they sell wraps, tacos, salads and sandwiches. They also sell acai bowls and juices made with the freshest ingredients. 

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“We at The Valley Health Bar try to be the median for that, where you still can have good tasting food but it’s a little cleaner for your body,” said Noa.