Olomana Golf Links in disrepair, owners say multimillion-dollar improvements are coming

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More complaints are coming in about poor maintenance at Olomana Golf Links.

The Windward Oahu golf course shut down briefly in April and golfers fear that it might wind up closing down permanently.

KHON2 also received complaints that the company wasn’t accepting gift cards anymore. But the managing partner says that’s not the case, and that there are plans to make millions of dollars in improvements.

Golfers at Olomana have seen the numbers drop dramatically. Workers say just a couple of years ago, some 200 rounds were played in one day. Now it’s closer to 20. 

“We don’t know where their financial situation is but with this number of people on this course, you don’t know how they stay in business,” said golfer Jim Nutter.

“I’d say they’re probably losing a lot of clientele. It’s a tough place to play just because it’s not well kept,” said golfer Nate Johnson.

The rough can get up to three feet high in some holes. The worst is the 14th hole, where the fairway is every bit as bad as the rough.

Workers and golfers say the 14th fairway has been in really bad shape since April when it flooded. Since then, they say nothing’s been done to fix it.

Workers say the equipment to maintain the course has not been fixed for months. The restaurant has been closed since April. 

“I learned how to play golf and everything over here so this is kind of like home, so to see it get to this point is kind of disappointing,” said Casey Nakama.

Nakama has been running his junior golf program at Olomana for 20 years. He met with the new manager, who was sent by the owner, JNC USA. Alex Yeon says the company now plans to put in $4 million to $5 million in improvements to the course. 

“Because we put in small money, step by step, it doesn’t work, because you keep losing the money,” said Yeon. 

He adds that consultants will be coming in less than two weeks to make the course better than ever.

“We’re going to look at everything. We’re going to make the master plan and then we’re going to proceed step by step,” said Yeon.

Yeon adds that it could take six to 12 months to get everything done, and at least part of the golf course might have to be shut down to do it.

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