HONOLULU (KHON2) — Kaiser Permanente Moanalua Medical Center was temporarily placed on lockdown Thursday after staff spotted a man carrying what they believed was a firearm. After heavy police presence responded, officers found it was a registered stun gun.

“You have something that’s shaped like a gun and from a distance it looks like a gun, so somebody is going to call it in,” said Raymond Craig of Safety Management Aloha Resource Training.

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Craig said the most popular model being sold looks identical to a gun. Electric guns can be easily mistaken for an actual firearm. Now, state legislators are considering restrictions on where these devices can be carried.

“Schools, I think it’s a really bad idea, the fewer firearms, fewer electric guns, we have at school,” said Sen. Karl Rhoads, (D) Nuuanu, Palama, Iwilei, Chinatown. “Generally, places that — that have security there already. So like a football stadium, I don’t think it makes any sense to allow any kind of weapon in there.”

Sen. Rhoads said on the state level, there aren’t any restrictions on where stun guns can be carried yet. Private facilities like hospitals can make their own rules.

A bill that would’ve banned bringing the device to public schools, courts, state buildings, and airports died during the last legislative session. Lawmakers stated, it’ll likely get reintroduced.

“The Supreme Court decision basically says that we can put reasonable restrictions on where you carry your gun, not just your electric gun, but your gun in general,” Rhoads said.

SMART Training expects to see similar scares to happen, but that’s why required training is so important for stun gun owners.

“So you say, palms up, I have a legally owned taser and I have my credentials. What do you want me to do,” said Craig.

Anyone who sees something suspicious is asked to call the police.

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“We do want people to do that kind of stuff, because we want to be more safe than sorry,” Craig said.