HONOLULU (KHON2) — A deadly weekend as two pedestrians died over the weekend in separate incidents. Both of them were walking on the freeway when it happened. It comes as state and city officials are promoting safety for pedestrians across the state.

The first incident happened early Saturday morning on the H-2 Freeway near Ka Uka Boulevard. HPD said the driver hit a woman and then drove off.

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On Saturday night, HPD said a man was trying to cross the H-1 Freeway in Kahala when he was struck by a car. State officials pointed out how dangerous it is to walk on the freeways, and it’s not just because vehicles are going at such a high speed.

“A lot of times drivers are not expecting pedestrians on freeways at all,” said Shelly Kunishige, Hawaii Department of Transportation spokesperson. “So they’re not gonna be necessarily as vigilant as they might be on a road with crosswalks or where there is a lot of pedestrian activity.”

August has been declared as Pedestrian Safety Month, so different agencies have been pushing to promote safety on Hawaii roads statewide.

“We are handing out various pedestrian safety lights and reflective bands in the hope that they do use them when they are crossing the road,” said Kunishige. “Also trying to let them know where that type of behavior is appropriate.”

She added that the freeway is definitely not the appropriate place. The DOT keeps track of pedestrian fatalities and in Oahu, prior to the weekend incidents, four out of seven this year involved homeless people.

The Institute for Human Services has been working with the DOT and police departments across the state to reach out to the homeless as part of the Highway Safety Council. IHS admitted there are no easy solutions to the problem.

“A lot of times it stems from a place of mental illness or of substance abuse, the same things that are contributing to their homelessness are the things that are contributing to this behavior, that’s putting them in harm’s way,” said Jill Wright, IHS Director of Community Relations.

IHS will keep reaching out to the homeless and emphasize the message of safety.

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HPD recommended that drivers avoid distractions and follow the speed limit. We asked what HPD is doing to stop pedestrians from going on the freeway, but we didn’t get a response to that question.