HONOLULU (KHON2) — There will be no Eddie to cap off the new year.

The official red light was given on Sunday, Dec. 29, for The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational.

“There will be no competition within the next seven days,” explained McNamara. “When we go yellow, we’re looking at a swell that is in the seven-day window that we feel that has a good chance running the event.”

Organizers issued a yellow alert on Friday, Dec. 27, and were in a holding pattern.

But they said that while large surf is rolling in, they’re not confident that there will be eight hours worth of 20 to 25-foot waves to hold the contest.

“Everybody’s welcome to come out to the North Shore if they want to see the big waves because it’s going to be big,” said Contest Director Liam McNamara. “It’s going to be beautiful. Probably going to have some great waves at Waimea and then Pipeline. But unfortunately, the tens and thousands of people that were going to come out for the event? They can go to work. They can enjoy their New Year’s Eve, their New Year’s Day festivities.”

As McNamara said, the waves will be big and a high surf warning will go into effect in a few hours.