HONOLULU (KHON2) — Only a number of people have successfully swum the Molokai Channel Crossing, and on Thursday an Oahu woman joined the elite group of swimmers after swimming for 20 hours, Terri Dietz completed the 28-mile journey. 

Dietz crawled out of the water and let out an emotional scream as she finally touched land, she then looked back at the ocean as she had just completed an unimaginable swim from Molokai to Oahu. 

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Dietz said, “I need time to process the journey cause it’s amazing, and it’s tough.”

Tough to say the least, Dietz wore a tracker during her swim while a boat with her support team trailed behind her. 

She took breaks every 30 minutes to eat and drink water, never touching the boat or those aboard. 

She described this as her Mount Everest and came back stronger from a failed attempt last year. 

Dietz said, “What kept me going was knowing that I have this amazing opportunity if I just kept training and anything is possible, that’s really what kept me going.”

Those on land checked on her progress throughout every stroke of the way. Her husband Don Dietz admitted it was a nerve-wracking 20 hours. 

He said, “I couldn’t sleep I woke up every hour last night, she started at 11 p.m. when I left her at Kaluakoi, I tried to go to bed at 12 a.m. and woke up every hour to look at her tracker.”

Dietz swam 30 miles every week to train for the Kaiwi Channel, she said it was physically challenging and even tougher mentally. But she knew she had the strength to finish and kept on swimming.  

Dietz said, “Kaiwi Channel is very special, very, very special, and again I am just very honored and blessed and grateful that I had the opportunity to toe the water and complete it.”

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A group of friends gathered at Sandy Beach and cheered as she arrived, knowing this was an experience of a lifetime.