HONOLULU (KHON2) — With three days left to go, officials say the number of ballots coming in for the primary election is ramping up. But some windward Oahu residents aren’t happy about their ballot drop box being moved without notice.

City elections officials say the number of mail in ballots has picked up and they expect even more to start coming in all the way through Saturday.

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“Today we’ve received the largest number of ballots from the United States Postal Service that was expected, and we think we’re going to continue to see that,” said Rex Quidilla, city election administrator.

Quidilla says it will be too late to mail ballots in at this point. So it’s best to bring them to one of 15 drop boxes on Oahu. One of those boxes was relocated this election from Kahuku to Sunset Beach, and that’s not sitting well with residents near Kahuku.

“It’s catching the whole community by surprise not to have that ballot box because now it’s too late to mail the ballot in and people had always relied on that convenience of using the ballot box,” said Dotty Kelly Paddock, a Hauula resident.

“That location is not accessible to individuals with special needs. It’s on grass and the surface is not as level as it needs to be,” said Quidilla.

But residents say it’s especially hard for the elderly to get to Sunset Beach.

“There’s a lot of traffic these days and with Laniakea famous for its traffic, and some people just don’t have access to cars that readily to get up there,” said Paddock.

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“We tried hard to find another suitable location. There’s criteria that we have to fulfill to locate the new box and so we settled on Sunset District Park,” said Quidilla.