HONOLULU (KHON2) — The surfing community is against new proposed city rules that could affect future surf contests and swim events, and many voiced their concerns today.

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Public testimony was heard here at Kapolei Hale this afternoon.

Both North and South shores were represented with nearly all testifiers seeking more clarity in the new rules or dropping them all together.

Proposed changes by the Department of Parks and Recreation included a new ranking system for applications and permits for South and North shores.

Those with the highest points would be considered first for contest applications, based on age and gender and abilities among other things.

“Queens and Pipe are different having same rules across board shouldn’t be allowed,” said Mahina Chillingworth of Hui O Hee Nalu.

Hui O Hee Nalu said considerations for pipeline should be different- since it has some of the most dangerous waves.

“If we have 8 year-olds at 20 foot pipe but trying to meet requirements at pipeline at most dangerous spots in the world,” added David Stant Jr., also of Hui O Hee Nalu.

While North Shore contests are more limited in the winter – the South shore is packed during the summer time.

“Contests a year, every year, it was crazy. Cut it down to eight every surf area different and I agree with Hui, be wise it’s not what’s best for general public it’s easy access,” said Jason Sakai a Kewalo Surfer.

The rule change would cap the number of surf events at five spots including Kuhio, Kapiolani also known as Queens, Ala Moana, Kakaako and Kewalos.

There would also be a 10 day cooling off period between surf events.

Body surfers said Point Panic shouldn’t be included in the rule change since the spot is already not for board riders.

Queens is heavily used in the summer and surfers there want a longer cooling off period so they can enjoy the surf too during the summer months.

Other South shore surfers said there are too many contests at Queens, saying there has been 36 days of contests since May and they want a 15 day cooling off period between events instead of the proposed 10.

“Queens is being abused,” said Tim Garry of Queens Surf Club. “36 days in the summer, families go to beach and there’s a contest every weekend. This is not right it excludes local people and we reject proposal by parks.”

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You can submit testimony on the issue through Oct. 27.