Oahu residents getting targeted by fake jewelry scam

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There’s a new scam going around Oahu. Individuals are approaching people, saying they are in trouble and are willing to sell their jewelry for a “cheap price,” but it turns out the jewelry is fake.

One man almost fell victim to the act Tuesday morning when he was leaving an appointment in Dilingham.

“They said, we lost our wallet… I lost my wallet last night. And he said he went to the bar. Then he said he needed money,” said Mark Johnson Parado, scam victim.

He says they offered him two rings and one bracelet that they were wearing for $500. He told them he didn’t have any cash, so they pushed him to find some.

“They said, go ask somebody if you can borrow cash from them, or we can go to the bank to withdraw cash he said,” said Parado.

He considered giving them money, but decided not to. They got angry and left.

One expert with The Wedding Ring Shop in Honolulu says one of the ways you can tell between real and fake jewelry is by doing a simple magnet test.

“Just get a household magnet – just whatever you have on your fridge, just laying around – just run it through the piece. Precious metal does not magnetize, so that’s a first, easy sign that you can do at home, that anybody can do at home,” said  Tam Plong.

He also recommends checking the color of the jewelry.

“[In fake pieces] you can kind of see some of that plaiting wearing off and you can see that its turning into its true color, whereas [in real pieces] you can see the color consistency through and through,” said Plong.

Regardless if the jewelry is real or fake, Honolulu police say if you’re approached with a similar offer, to stop and think, and to only buy from reputable sources.

“We’re advising people if its too good to be true then, more likely it is,” said Chris Kim, Crimestoppers. “If they’re coming up to you and just soliciting you, you basically just tel them you’re not interested. You’re not interested. Don’t even entertain them, just basically walk away.”

If you do run into these individuals, you can contact police and Crimestoppers at 955-8300. 

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