HONOLULU (KHON2) — Hawaii residents traveled to Washington D.C. hoping for a change with the Environmental Protection Agency and Red Hill at a congressional level. They spoke to 13 congressional leaders and all four delegates from Hawaii.

Kristina Baehr, Just Well Law founder said, “Over the last few days, we had talked with congressional leaders in the Senate in the House, Republican and Democrat, who have listened to our clients’ concerns about what really happened at Red Hill and how these families are still affected and what they need now.”

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What they said they need now is transparency, care for the victims and clean water.

Katherine McClanahan is a victim who suffers from dizziness and headaches to this day. She traveled to D.C. to talk to Hawaii representatives.

McClanahan said, “The pain, I actually this week got to meet one of the 15-year-olds, and I knew what they had been through…it’s honestly it’s easier for me to accept mine than it is for me to accept some of these children’s stories. And they deserve better. They deserve proactive care.”

Congressional leaders reacted to this and said, “Very receptive, but also surprised because the Navy has continued to say that people aren’t sick.”

Families affected by the spill at Red Hill have been protesting all over D.C. with Oahu Water Protectors.

A protestor, Ariana Wyatt said, “we stand in solidarity for shutting Red Hill down and defueling. It was beautiful. It absolutely was beautiful.”

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After this week, they have high hopes that change, will happen soon.