HONOLULU (KHON2) — Once again many are celebrating the Fourth of July at Ala Moana Regional Park and Kailua Beach Park.

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“Oh every Fourth of July we will come here, and it’s the sixth Fourth of July that we are here.” Maryam Chapman said as she celebrates with her family at Ala Moana.

Gabriel Fidow said he and his family come to enjoy some good food, laughter, and good vibes every year.

Even though they were having fun playing games and going for a swim, when asked about how they felt about not having a firework show, most people had the same reaction saying, “We’re bummed” and “I think everybody, in a way, we look forward to that traditional firework show.”

Although there will not be a firework show at Ala Moana this year, there will be one at Kailua beach. Folks said they have been celebrating as early as four o’clock on Fourth of July just to make sure they had a parking spot. For some families, this is tradition.

We’ve been coming to Lanikai beach for about 15 years now. So usually we, all the boys, we come the night before on the third, set up the tents, get everything ready, and then the family comes the next day.

Kanela Drummondo

The weather in Kailua on the morning of July fourth was a bit windy and rainy. “This year it’s probably the worst that it’s been since we’ve been coming.” said Drummondo.

Families were having a great time and couldn’t wait to see the fireworks despite the bad weather. Drummondo said “I’m sure it will be good because we haven’t seen it in a few years. So it will be like new again. So I’m sure it will be nice”.

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Shuttles ran at the Longs parking lot bus stop to the beach center from 4:30 to 10:30 p.m. to help with the parking situation.