Now cancer-free, avid golfer looks forward to caring for others with nursing degree

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Max Jones loves nothing more than getting out on the golf course.

“I started golfing when I was about 5. My dad would take me out to the golf course and would have Saturday lessons,” said Max Jones.

He earned a spot on his high school golf team, and eventually took his game to college, where he also planned to pursue a degree in nursing, when everything suddenly changed.

“In February of 2018 I was diagnosed with ALL Lukemia,” said Jones.

Instead of hitting balls, Jones found himself going from future caregiver to patient. As he began two years of treatment.

“But during the this whole process I kind of learned that I wanted to go back to where I was being treated and help the kids in my situation. ‘Cause I think I would have such a wonderful view point for them and help them along their journey’s,” said Jones.

Today Max is cancer free. And was a guest of the city, who set up a friendly game with another cancer survivor–internationally known golf analyst, and part-time Hawaii resident Mark Rolfing. Rolfing, along with Max shares more than a love of the game but a belief it played a role in their healing.

“The thing that’s interesting the parallel for both of us is that we wanted to get back to golf as soon as we could,” said Rolfing.

Working with a foundation that grants wishes to young adults coping with cancer, Max and his family chose to visit Hawaii. And Rolfing, who met Max many months back in Florida, made sure to be here to tee it up with him.

“It’s just so awesome, first to be together as a family and do this trip. None of us have been to Hawaii before. But to have Max here healthy and to be able towards the end of the trip to play a round here in Hawaii. Just is awesome as a true gift,” said Max’s father Jay Jones.

And now Max plans to pay that gift forward. When he returns to nursing school this January. But first things first.

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