It was a packed house tonight in Waialua as many vented their anger and frustration about the future of Dillingham Airfield.

Always Investigating was the first to report about the state’s plans to end it’s lease of the airfield in Mokuleia. The airstrip is home to skydiving companies, commercial and private planes, flight schools, gliders, and ultralights.

Always Investigating first reported that the DOT has known for at least two months that they wanted out.

At tonight’s standing-room-only meeting community members and lawmakers expressed frustration with the transportation department, who was not in attendance.

“Where is the DOT this is all on the news and they’re not here!” a crowd member screamed.

The district’s representatives were also in favor of keeping the airfield public use.

“I have personally met with the Governor and implored him to intercede. I am disappointed that he is not yet willing to intercede,” said Senator Gil Riviere.

State reps were also dismayed by the lack of transparency.

“We were all completely caught off guard. Everyone was caught off guard by this.” House Representative Sean Quinlan told the crowd.

“Normally when something like this happens they’d at least give a courtesy call and say this might be in the works, but it was just one day it was open and the next day for whatever reason and we’re still trying to get down to the bottom of their reasons,” Quinlan added.

Even state representative Lauren Matsumoto found out about the DOT’s decision on social media.

“When I learn something on Facebook before I get any actual notification as a statehouse representative that’s very worrisome,” Matsumoto said.

The lawmakers encouraged their constituents to avoid getting deterred by the slow process that this will undergo.

“We need you to come back and show up so it’s not just a one-night thing. Recognize that it might be unfortunately government doesn’t always work very quickly.” Matsumoto added.

Dillingham Airfield tenants were given a letter letting them know that their lease is up on June 30th.