HONOLULU (KHON2) – This past Tuesday, which was November 15th, was known as National Recycling Day. 

In such honor, there is a non-profit organization here on Oahu known as Hawaiian Hope who’s focus in their service, at least one of their focuses, is refurbishing and recycling computers which then they will turn around and donated back to students in need. 

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So, to find out more about this as they have their next distribution this weekend, we are here with their Executive Director, Curtis Kropar. 

Tell us little bit about what Hawaiian Hope is all about.

“Certainly. So, Hawaiian Hope is a non-profit organization. We have been around for 16 years,” says Kropar.

“We take in computer equipment as donations. We refurbish that equipment. We train people how to do tech work and refurbishing and then we redistribute that equipment back out to the local community,” Kropar says.

Ok, give us an idea. 

Over 16 years, how many equipment or how many computers have you worked on?

“That’s an excellent question. Quite honestly, we have lost count,” says Kropar.

“But just in the last few years, just to give you an example, we have taken in well over 10,000 computers over the past few years. Just last year alone, we distributed 2,000 computers back out to the local community. Most of it to students. And along with that, we are keeping a lot of the stuff out of the landfill, right? Instead of it getting wasted, it comes to us. We refurbish it, repurpose it. We train people how to do it and redistribute it locally, as opposed to full on recycling where they just throw it on a pallet, shrink wrap it, and ship it off island,” explains Kropar.

Actually, that’s a great point because a lot of viewers, myself included, there’s always the extra equipment, the old computer, the old telephone or what have you. 

It’s just in the corner or the closet and not knowing what to do with it. 

How can we help? 

Is there a way we can donate to you to contribute to your efforts?

“Certainly. We will take in almost any type of computer equipment,” says Kropar.

“You can go to our website, hawaiianhope.org, and there is a Contact Us page on there. You fill that out and we schedule a drop off date and time.  Everything has to be scheduled. And they can drop off pretty much anything they want to, any quantity, but we do again have to schedule it. And we also, as you mentioned about helping, we are always looking for volunteers. We got a number of people who come in to volunteer with us and you don’t have to have a tech background. We will train you. And so, we are always looking for volunteers to help out with refurbishing and getting this stuff back into the hands of people.”

We did mention that this weekend is your next distribution to students. 

But we do want to clarify that this is not open to the public as these students have already been pre-selected. 

Is that correct?

“Right. We have partnered with Kamehameha Schools and Kamehameha Schools has selected I believe 32 schools within their support they work with,” says Kropar.

“And these are students from the Waianae area that we are going to be providing equipment to. This is pre-selected as you said, and this is the now third event now that we have done down there.”

Again, this distribution happening this weekend, the next round for Hawaiian Hope, unfortunately is not opened to the public as those students have already been pre-selected. 

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But if you have extra equipment or you have time and efforts to contribute to Hawaiian Hope and their efforts, click here.