‘Non-aggressive’ sharks sighted in and around Waikiki

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“Shark Sighted” signs were posted in and around Waikiki after a couple of sightings Sunday.

It’s not clear if it was the same shark, but Ocean Safety is reporting one shark was bigger than the other.

The first shark sighted near Duke’s Waikiki was reportedly 8-10 feet in length. The second near Kaimana Beach was about a 6-footer.

Ocean Safety said both of these sharks weren’t aggressive in behavior, and because of that, lifeguards didn’t clear the water of swimmers.

Brendan Keaney said “I was out surfing at Old Man’s, and as I looked down, there was a 5-6 foot tiger shark swimming right by my foot.”

He told people in the water he knew what he saw before he paddled back to shore as fast as he could.

“It took a little while to register,” Keaney said. “I stared at it for a couple seconds before I realized what it was. I could see the stripes, the big blunt head right off my foot, and slowly swimming by.”

Over in Waikiki, an 8-10 foot shark was spotted about 200 yards offshore the area of Duke’s in Waikiki.

Warning signs were posted for a few hours at both beaches and were taken down between 4-4:30 p.m. because there were no other sightings. Earlier, both lifeguards and personnel from the Dept. of Land and Natural Resources patrolled the waters.

This month, a surfer lost his leg after he was bit by a shark while surfing at Leftovers on the north shore of Oahu, and another man was bit by a tiger shark at Lanikai while he was swimming from the Mokolua Islands.

Ocean Safety believes these incidents have led to a heightened awareness, and more people are on the lookout for sharks.

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