NOAA says to keep distance from pregnant seal on Waikiki Beach

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The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration advises the public to keep their distance away from the 8-year-old pregnant seal that has been sighted at Waikiki Beach. 

This is the seal’s third day in Waikiki, who usually swims out at night. 

The seal’s name is Ka’iwi and is expected to give birth to a pup soon. 

The mother has two pups both born in South East Oahu, where the seal frequents, said NOAA. 

NOAA is hoping she will move out to a more remote area to have her the pup.

They are also reminding people that if they see a monk seal on the beach to keep their distance from the seal to protect the mammal and themselves. 

If you see a seal on a beach, report it on NOAA’s hotline: (888) 256-9840.

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