No-kill shelter burglary may have been caught on camera

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The animals are okay, but members of a no-kill shelter were devastated to find their office ransacked.

Today we learn the burglary at the Oahu SPCA in Wahiawa may have been caught on camera.  

The video you’re about to see shows more about what happened overnight when the burglary took place. 

The video shows a person using what looks like a pallet and places it by the doorway. Using a pickup truck, the driver reverses into the front door and smashes it open. This happened about 7:15 p.m. on Saturday, less than two hours after staff members left.

Oahu SPCA tells us throughout the night the video shows more suspects entering their building. 

“That’s the very frustrating part about it. They didn’t just come in grab some money and leave. They left, they came back with their friends, took more, and it looks like they came back four or five times over a span of 6 hours,” Executive Director Amanda Villeme said. 

On the next street over, the owner of Sherry’s Korean BBQ says she’s been broken into four times over the years. She had to bar the windows and place security cameras because of it.

“I see someone grabbing my hand bag and money bag and flew out that side,” owner Wonhwa Malepe said. 

Malepe says other neighboring businesses have experienced the same problem so she’s not surprised about what happened at Oahu SPCA. 

“Sprint used to be Radio Shack. How many times they broke their window,” Malepe said. “I wasn’t surprised because a lot of things happen all the time here.”

We checked and found that since April there have been two burglaries in the vicinity. 

Oahu SPCA says changes will be made and hopes supporters have unused appliances that could be donated. 

“Definitely upping our security system a little bit better,” Villeme explained. “Also setting up precautions like sensor flood lights or any kind of security equipment that someone might have laying around in their garage and they don’t use. That would be extremely helpful.”

We reached out to Honolulu Police and they tell us they’ve opened a second-degree burglary case. No arrests have been made so far. 

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