HONOLULU (KHON2) — For Kaiwa Nahooikaika, this isn’t how he imagined his stay at Circus Circus would end up with stabs wounds on his body and a nightmare vacation his family won’t forget. Nahooikaika says he was playing slots just before midnight on a Saturday when a man suddenly came up to him.

“A dude came up from side hitting me on the back of my head,” said Nahooikaika, a Hilo resident. “I fell to the ground, I started kicking him with my legs. As I was kicking him, he was stabbing me above my knee and in my left torso.”

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According to Las Vegas Metropolitan police, the suspect attacked Nahooikaika with a box knife. Nahooikaika was taken to the hospital, and the suspect was arrested.

“The adrenaline was so high that I didn’t even feel anything,” said Nahooikaika. “I didn’t even realize I was bleeding, until me and the security went to Las Vegas Boulevard. I looked down, and my whole leg was covered with blood. The left side of my shirt was soaked.”

The suspect, John Turner, is charged with attempted murder and battery with a deadly weapon. According to LVMPD, aggravated assaults are up 22% compared to this time last year around the Strip area.

Las Vegas police a say there are safety precautions to consider while visiting Sin City including being aware of surroundings, being mindful of belongings and never go anywhere alone.

In December, Clarice Yamaguchi of Waiaphu was fatally shot in the Fashion Show Mall parking garage when police say a man tried to rob her.

“I would tell everybody, especially us coming from the islands because Las Vegas is a hot spot for us natives, just to be careful,” said Tanelle Costa, wife of Nahooikaika.

“All I would say is be careful when you go to Vegas, and don’t go alone,” said Nahooikaika. “Make sure you have someone with you, and I would watch my back wherever you go.”

Nahooikaika still has scars from the incident, and he is suffering an infection in his knee.

He’s walking away grateful things didn’t turn out worse.

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“I’m just glad to be here with my family and friends,” he said.