New study says major cities could be like the new Atlantis — submerged

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Major international cities like New York and Shanghai could be submerged in water by the end of this century, according to a new climate change study. 

The estimated rising sea-levels could displace nearly 200 million people. 

A new study by international researchers predicts an even worse scenario — a possibility of global temperatures rising nine degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century. 

“So it’s a low probability, but it could happen,” said Jonathan Bamber, a co-author of the climate change study. “And yes, our study suggests that there is a real risk.”

Because ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica are melting faster than we thought. 

And if emissions continue unchecked, nearly 700,000 square miles around the world, more than three times the size of California, would be lost to the sea. 

Up to 187 million people would have to move inland. 

And we’d lose critical areas of food production. 

One of the co-authors of the study says we can still prevent this, but there’s little time left. 

“I think most, lots of climate scientists say exactly the same thing. We have quite a narrow window of opportunity to avoid some of the worst consequences,” Bamber said.

Some politicians stake their campaigns on this very issue. 

“Hundred percent clean electricity. Millions of new jobs,” said Democratic Presidential Candidate and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee.

Combating climate change around the world is still fraught with political infighting.  

“It’s also very important that policies not just be words on the paper. But also will become actions,” he said.

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