Finding a place to park your car in busy neighborhoods can be a pain. A proposal being discussed by the city council could help curb the problem.

It would require residents living in the area to have a placard proving they live there. The bill specifically mentions areas near universities and hospitals.

If it passes, it could have potential repercussions for UH Manoa students who have been parking in Manoa neighborhoods  for years.”

“I personally don’t want to buy the parking pass so I look for street parking cause that’s something that I can’t afford… free parking is better than paid parking for me,” said Victoria Le, a nursing student at UH Manoa.

UH students pay $35.50 a month or $5 a day to parking and the cost is increasing every year.

“Having to worry about having to come to school and already having to pay tuition…that means I would have to work more to pay for parking,” said UH Manoa student Taylor James Mendiola.

“If it were to happen, I would think UH would need to provide more parking. I know they have one on lower campus but it’s obviously not enough– people are up here fighting for parking spots with the residents,” said Darin Emmons, another UH Manoa student who parks in residential Manoa.

Michael McDonald lives in the neighborhood where the pilot project began last year. He said it’s been a night and day difference since the program was implemented.

“It was fantastic. Something that came around that the residents petitioned for, that the neighborhood fought to take back. (Our neighborhood) became ours once again,” said McDonald.

Even if the proposal passes it would still be up to each neighborhood to petition the city to implement the change.

McDonald said the only hiccup they faced implementing the program was agreeing on the restricted parking hours. In his neighborhood in Kalihi, non-residents are barred from parking without a placard between 6:00 p.m. And 6:00 a.m.