HONOLULU (KHON2) — Robert McCaw wrote Treachery Times Two a Koa Kane Hawaiian Mystery book, which was published in January 2022. 

According to McCaw Treachery Times Two takes place on Hawaii Island where a volcanic earthquake disrupts an abandoned cemetery which unearthed the body of a woman mutilated by her killer to conceal her identity. 

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The search for her identity leads Hilo’s Chief Detective, Koa Kane to a mysterious defense contractor with a politically connected board of directors. Defying his chief of police, Koa pursues the killer, only to become entangled in an FBI espionage investigation of Deimos, a powerful secret military weapon. 

At the same time, Koa—a cop who thirty years earlier killed his father’s nemesis and covered up the murder—faces exposure by the dead man’s grandson. Koa is forced to investigate his own homicide, and step by step, his cover-up unravels until another man is falsely accused.

McCaw grew up in a military family traveling the world. He later moved to the Big Island of Hawaii and fell in love. 

“I first visited Hawaiʻi Island after attending an American Bar Association meeting in Honolulu and fell in love with the Big Island,” said McCaw. “I found magic in its extraordinary diversity, where lava moonscapes rise from the sea into the mountains, cattle ranches adjoin rain forests, and Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fire, frequently erupts to reshape the land. Again and again, I returned, ultimately building a second home there.”

McCaw said the history of the islands fascinated him. He said while traveling and researching, he spoke with Hawaiian friends, local police officers, ranchers, Park rangers and others. 

“They pointed me to stunning geography, like the Waipiʻo and Pololū valleys, historical sites, like King Kamehameha’s war camp, or shared their stories about life in the Islands,” said McCaw. 

He said over the years he wanted to share the newly acquired knowledge with others. So, while still working his day job as a litigator and a criminal lawyer, he decided to spend his nights writing mystery novels.

“That decision started a virtuous circle. My research led me to write, and my focus on creative writing compelled more research,” said McCaw.

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To order the book online head to Robert McCaw’s website