HONOLULU (KHON2) — New laws fall us into the new year, and here are some to look out for.

Registration for electric guns now available with a permit: effective January 1, 2022

The state revises it’s law that banned electric guns and replaces it with a law that allows individuals over 21-years old to use electric guns with the requirement of a permit and registration. One brand of electric gun is the Taser. It is unlawful for an individual to use an electric gun for any purpose except for self-defense, defense of another person, or protection of property of the person or of another person.

Mandatory microchipped pets statewide: effective Jan. 1, 2022

The bill determines that microchipping can save the lives of pets by returning them home.  Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice containing a unique number implanted between the pet’s shoulders.  A scanner is used will reveal the owner’s contact information so that pets can be returned home. Read more

Recon inspection repealed: effective Jan. 1, 2022 – July 31, 2025

Requires reconstructed vehicles to obtain special inspections and certification. This will change certain processes for vehicle inspectors who conduct inspections under the department of transportation.

Ban on Shark Fishing: effective Jan. 1, 2022

The House determined that sharks are crucial to the ocean ecosystem by regulating and ensuring the health of other marine life populations and reefs. Violation of the law may result in fines of around $500 to $10, 000 each. Read more

Ban on cosmetic products that are tested on animals: effective January 1, 2022

Following the steps of multiple other states and countries, the legislature finds that a wide variety of cosmetic products that have found alternatives to testing on animals are becoming more available to consumers. Manufacturers are now prohibited from importing, profiting, selling, or offering cosmetic products in the State of Hawaii that are tested on animals beginning on the effective date. Some exceptions may apply to certain situations as listed in the bill.

Maui County bans plastic disposable foodware: effective March 1, 2022.

Banned items will include plastic disposable food service containers and utensils such as bowls, plate lunch containers, and straws. Businesses will then have to provide non-plastic products that are safer for the environment. The law was supposed to be effective starting Jan. 1, 2022 but it was delayed so businesses could have more time to prepare.