HONOLULU (KHON2) — Have you checked out the popular new eatery at Ala Moana called Mana Sandwiches?

They held their grand opening on Saturday, June 18, and it was a big hit. The owner, Miho Choi Fernandez, said she owns five bakeries on Oahu, but this is her first sandwich shop. 

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“A lot of customers come to try out our Japanese-style sandwiches,” said Fernandez. “Since the production process takes a long time, right now, we are not capable to produce enough items to fill up the demand sometime.”

She said most of their items are sold out before 3 p.m., so if you want to check them out, her advice is to come early. 

They sell an array of different Japanese style sandwiches. Some of their most popular items are their fruit sandwiches, egg sandwiches paired with their special strawberry milk.  

“Introducing good Japanese food to Hawaii has been my passion as I did with BRUG Bakery,” said Fernandez. “Mana Sandwiches was always a dream for me. To use BRUG bread for delicious sweet and savory Japanese-style sandwiches.”

She said they sold sandwiches sometimes at BRUG Bakery, and they always sold out, so she thought it would do well as an eatery on its own. 

“But we have five BRUG Bakery locations,” said Fernandez. “My husband and I are raising two little boys, and we didn’t know if we wanted to start all over, again, with a new business.”

However, that risk has paid off so far because people line up at Ala Moana to get their hands on these delicious sandwiches. 

They opened the sandwich location right next to one of their BRUG locations on the second floor of Ala Moana Center next to Macy’s in the Lanai.

“As it happened, this space, right next to our busiest BRUG location, was available,” said Fernandez. “So, everything looked like it’s meant to be.”

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Mana Sandwiches is very active on Instagram. Visit their website to browse the delicious sandwiches.