HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Honolulu Police Department’s new chief has been sworn in for over a week and he made his first appearance on Wake Up 2day on Friday to discuss the department’s latest progress.

HPD Chief Joe Logan believes “criminals are coming back to their behavior — as crime spikes.”

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During the pandemic, the department faced many obstacles like high crime rates, and short staffing while trying to keep the community safe. But Logan dives into his vision as he leads the department forward.

“So, we’ve provided the commanders full authority to allocate their resources to handle the situation in their district, and we’re looking at it from a technology standpoint. Our crime analysis unit is looking at where it’s occurring — what times and so we can put a task force to gather to look into and provide better patrolling and surveillance.”

Logan said the department has over 300 sworn officer vacancies available right now. And is coaching upper officers on how to communicate with the long-time employees.

Logan explained: “For the retention side, I’m asking commanders to go out and find officers who are hitting 25 years that may be able to retire to ask, ‘Hey what are your plans? Can we keep you a little longer?’”

Although the department is short-staffed, Logan said it hasn’t impacted the department’s ability to provide a safe and secure environment.

“We continue to investigate crime and apprehend criminals and we’re just one leg of the stool of the criminal justice system. There’s law enforcement, corrections, prosecution, etc. We are trying to uphold our end of the criminal system,” said Logan.

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Logan concluded: “So we’re doing what we need to do to make our streets safer, but we also can’t do it by ourselves, we need the community to help.”

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