HONOLULU (KHON2) – After being privately sworn in on Tuesday as the new Honolulu Police Department chief, Arthur “Joe” Logan shared his vision for the department.

Recruiting and retention are high on the priority list for Logan. Thirty-three new recruits graduated earlier in the week. Stating that it takes several months to bring on new officers.

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Citing COVID as a barrier to recruiting, Chief Logan said that they are getting back out into schools and the community to recruit.

Addressing the fact that officers have very limited training in crises and mental health situations, Logan stated that they are working with emergency services on how to respond to these cases when there is not a criminal element.

Chief Logan said that his priority, as far as trust and transparency, is first gaining the trust of the department–his officers and then working on gaining the trust of the community.

Logan was sworn in on Tuesday in private. A moment that, Logan said, was not meant to be in secret but meant to bring him on board so that he could begin working. He said he had been performing duties as a volunteer until that time.

Chief Logan addressed the troubles that his son has faced, stating he told the department he did not want to be asked or told anything beforehand–he would learn of these things in the media.

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Task forces are a big part of addressing the rise in crime, along with the FBI and other law enforcement partners. Logan said they are looking at statistics to assist them in curbing crime and reallocating resources to help in the effort.