HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Honolulu Police Commission and Honolulu Police Chief Arthur “Joe” Logan have talked about the importance of keeping the public and the media informed. However, when Logan and his deputy chiefs were sworn in Tuesday morning, it came as surprise to many including Honolulu Mayor Rick Blangiardi and the police officer’s union.

At the 202nd recruit class graduation Tuesday evening, Logan addressed the concerns.

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“Today was not a secret, it wasn’t done in private,” said Chief Logan. “We shared it on social media. It was just to get me onboard into the City system.”

HPD clarified there will be a formal swearing in ceremony at a later date.

“Late June we will put together a formal ceremony and my wife will pin on my badge and my sons will do my stars.”

The new chief detailed his first official day on the job.

“It’s sitting down with my two deputies and command staff and really tomorrow and the next day we’ll be going into what my command philosophy is and how do I lead, how do I want. To me this is a team effort. This is not Chief Logan’s HPD, this is our HPD.”

The chief also welcomed his first recruit class in the first in-person graduation since the pandemic.

“It’s not about Chief Logan today,” he said. “It’s about 33 new police officers and their families and they get to enjoy this time at graduation and spend time with their families. After tomorrow they’re police officers and we put them to work.”

Chief Logan says he’s looking forward to getting the ball rolling in a collaborative effort to improve the future of HPD.

“I’m just up here being the person leading this organization,” he added. “So how do we do that? What does that look like? Where do we want to go in the future? I want to develop a 20-year vision and not just a five-year plan that the charter asked me to do.”

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HPD said Chief Logan will hold a press conference later in the week.