The state Office of Planning’s Coastal Zone Management Program (OP-CZM) is developing comprehensive high-resolution Tsunami Design Zone (TDZ) maps for the Island of Oahu.

These new high-resolution maps will clarify what areas would be affected if a tsunami were to hit.

Officials say, some areas that currently fall in a tsunami inundation zone may not be in the new maps. 

OP-CZM is working with Ian Robertson, Ph.D., SE, and his expert team to develop the mapping products.

Justine Nihipali, CZM Program Manager, added, “The high resolution, probabilistic Tsunami Design Zone mapping project will help Oahu become more resilient and better able to withstand a tsunami event. OP-CZM is fortunate to work with engineering and tsunami experts like Dr. Robertson and this team. The project was made possible with the support of our federal partners at NOAA. This project is just one part of our five-year Coastal Hazards Strategy.”

OP-CZM will seek to develop high-resolution probabilistic TDZ maps for all the major Hawaiian Islands once maps for Oahu are completed.