New developments in the search for missing Maui woman, Amanda Eller

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New developments Monday, in the search for a missing Maui woman, who was last seen Wednesday morning.

The Kahakapao trail is the area that Amanda’s car was found on Thursday, after she was last seen. 

Even though it is day four of the search, volunteers are still coming out to this area, and although she has not been found yet, everyone is still very hopeful.

Amanda Eller was last seen by her boyfriend in her Haiku home around 7 a.m. Wednesday. 

“We know that they live together. We know she was still in her sleep clothing when he left for work in the 7:00  hour.  We know she had the day off. We don’t know what she chose to wear that day because we didn’t see her in her street clothing,” said Sarah Haynes, who is aiding in the search. 

However, we now know a package was sent from the Haiku Post Office just a couple of minutes down the road from Eller’s house that was time stamped at 10:19 a.m. 

Those new details now narrow down the time frame from when her car could have arrived at the Makawao Forest Reserve, and from when it was seen by an off-duty fireman at the trailhead around 1 p.m. 

Amanda’s parents flew in yesterday and are pleading for her return. 

“We’re going to find you. Hang in there. She’s been prepared for this. She’s very strong, very self disciplined. Hang in there,” said John Eller, Amanda’s father.

The family believes she did make it to the forest because a dog did pick up her scent. 

“The dogs followed her for some distance to an area they felt confident in, they have confidence in that that she made it that far to the park after that it gets a little less certain,” said Eller.

We know police have Amanda’s car and cellphone to look for clues. Her friend Sarah who’s been helping lead the search operation got a hold of Amanda’s laptop today, and is looking for clues, like her banking records. 

“If anybody can survive, she can survive it so we are looking for an alive Amanda who is probably injured, maybe fell, maybe has a concussion, maybe is down a ravine,” said Haynes. 

While the Maui Fire Department called off their search before noon yesterday, the community is still continuing theirs. 

 “The community has been unbelievably supportive and today I believe there was 160 volunteers,” said Eller. 

A Go Fund Me page was also started on Monday which exceeded the $10,000 goal in just six hours. 

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