HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Honolulu Police Department will look into past domestic violence cases during their investigation. Advocates said it’s not uncommon to see domestic violence in the military.

The Domestic Violence Action Center said about 10% of its clients are in the military.

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“Careers can be in jeopardy, shame, embarrassment, and lack of help,” said Nanci Kriedman, DVAC CEO and Co-Founder. “So it’s not uncommon at DVAC to be providing support, legal services, advocacy services, court accompaniment and help line responses to members of the military.”

According to data from the state Attorney General’s office, in 2021, there was more than 2,600 cases of intimate partner violence reported by Honolulu police. Most of the cases involved people who were dating, followed by married couples and ex-partners. The majority of the cases were tied to an assault, though there were also reports of kidnapping and some cases were fatal. DVAC said, situations can quickly escalate and many cases go unnoticed.

“Domestic violence is a potentially fatal crime it’s hard for people to digest that,” said Kriedman.

Now, Honolulu police detectives said in the H-3 freeway fatal stabbing, they’re looking into documented and undocumented domestic violence reports between the couple as their investigation continues.

“So sometimes victims of domestic violence may tell a co-worker, may tell a friend, but they never call the police,” said Lt. Deena Thoemmes of the Honolulu Police Department. “So those are the types that aren’t documented with the Honolulu Police Department, so we’re going to follow up with that as well.”

Military or civilian, there are many resources available that can help victims, but for that help to be effective, DVAC said everyone needs to take action.

“We have to let the community know that we can’t minimize the seriousness, we can’t look away, we can’t ignore it. We must stare it right in the face or we’re going to lose lives,” Kriedman said.

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Those who are seeking help or know someone impacted by domestic violence, click here.