HONOLULU (KHON2) — The new Covid vaccines are available in Hawaii, but it will probably take a few attempts to get an appointment.

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The State Health Department said a smaller quantity was sent with this first batch but more are on the way.

Covid vaccine seekers had to practice a bit of patience, but it did payoff for Alan Titchenal and his wife.

They were able to get an appointment on Monday.

“Initially, she said she kept trying different locations trying to find a Longs drugs to go to finding one in our vicinity. It was hard at first. She kept checking around checking around and kind of gave up for a while,” said Titchenal.

Some people have contacted us saying when they showed up for their appointment, there were no vaccines available.

“We tried to get over here but they were full, so as we were walking out after we were shopping, the lady told us to check for this coming month, October,” said Honolulu resident, Clinton Wailehua.

CVS sent us a statement saying, “Most of our locations can honor scheduled appointments. However, due to delivery delays from our wholesalers, some appointments may be rescheduled.”

A spokesperson added, “While we make every effort to notify patients of cancellations in advance by text, email and/or phone call, there may be instances where our pharmacies are unable to do so.”

KHON2 also checked with Walgreens and the company said, “All of our stores now have the supply needed to meet patient demand in their communities. Additional appointments have been added to our scheduler.”

“It seems like the vaccines are coming into different locations at different times or something so they don’t know right away if they’re going to be available,” said Titchenal

The Department of Health said, like every new distribution, there has been a smaller quantity available.

But as the weeks progress more doses will be provided to pharmacies and other clinics.

That’s welcome news for Wailehua and his family.

“Specially for my wife, we both got to stay healthy for each other,” he said.