HONOLULU (KHON2) – Remember as a kid, everything around the house seemed to spark some interest within you, but then as we get older, we tend to unfortunately lose that childish curiosity. 

Well, here at Bishop Museum, they are opening a brand-new exhibit this weekend urging you to build that curiosity once again. 

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So, to find out more, we are here within the new exhibit with one of Bishop Museum’s exhibit designers, Deanne Kennedy. 

Tell us a little bit about what you are doing here.

“Well, this is an exhibit piece that is sort of like playing in the sand where you get to build up different peaks and there is a sensor that shows different topographical variations,” says Kennedy.

“You can even hover your hand and have it rain, and it helps show the path of least resistance where the water would go.”

So, first of all, this already tells me this is a really interactive exhibit. 

This exhibit is called Backyard Adventures. 

What is this all about and what are you trying to share?

“We are trying to peak interests with kids about different types of science that is right there with them in their backyard,” says Kennedy.

“Different ways that they can get involved in exploring and have it be right at home.  But also, being active, getting outside, playing, and thinking about science.”

So aside from playing in a sandbox, what other experiences are there throughout this exhibit?

“We have something called Night Vision where they can see different creatures that may be out at night while they are asleep,” says Kennedy.

“We have some putt putt golf; you can ride a giant bee and collect pollen in order to help the ecosystem.  We also have a game where you can try to eat tadpoles or other different types of creatures inside a healthy ecosystem.”

You had me at putt putt golf. So, can we check that one out?


So visually, I can already tell this isn’t just an experience, but there is a learning process with this as well.

“Absolutely,” says Kennedy.

“This is to help people get outside, have fun, get around, be active, get off of your devices and engage.”

Looking around, this really calls to children. 

What about the parents and adults? 

What is the point of this exhibit for them?

“Absolutely.  It’s an opportunity for families to be together, to have fun and play as a group, and it’s here, it’s local,” says Kennedy.

“It’s here brought to them so that they can have these experiences together here.”

There is one other person I want to speak with. 

He is the VP of Public Programs here at Bishop Museum, Brandon Bunag. 

I understand this is a traveling exhibit and calling Bishop Museum home all the way through August of next year. 

But there is also a complimentary exhibit that is currently open here at the museum. 

What is all of this about?

“Yes, so the complimentary exhibit that you are speaking of is called Taxonomy, Our Lives Depend Upon It,” says Bunag. 

“And Taxonomy is a Bishop Museum original exhibition that highlights the work of our natural science departments over here. This exhibition ties in because before we get our kids and next generation to be scientists, they need to fall in love with science. So, our hope is that by bringing in this exhibition being highly interactive for our kids instills the desire for the next generation of scientists that continue the work of naming and finding new species.”

That’s awesome. 

Another thing that I think is awesome is this opens actually Saturday to the public, but as an annual member here at Bishop Museum, you have benefits including early access. 

Tell me a little bit about that.

“Bishop Museum members, we do have a member preview tomorrow evening from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.,” says Bunag.

“You don’t have to preregister. Come down, check in at the front, Bishop Museum members get in free. We have a few food trucks. It’s not too late to become a Bishop Museum member. Go ahead and get your membership now and you can join us tomorrow for our preview.”

This is called “Backyard Adventures,” a new exhibit opening to the public Saturday. 

But again, early access for members is available tomorrow.

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This lasts all the way through August of 2023.