HONOLULU (KHON2) — Most folks for the past year have been at home watching movies on the computer. How boring is that compared to a movie theater?

As the state gets back to normal, moviegoers are getting back into theaters.

There is no traditional movie theater at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, however.

They have what is called “4DFX Hawaii.”

It is a cinema that gives such a different experience.

KHON2 met with the general manager, Adrienne Ishizu, to find out more

What is 4DFX and what people can expect when coming here?

“Well, everyone’s really comfortable and knows about 3D, but we’re actually 4D,” says Ishizu. “So, 4D is more of an experience sitting in the chair, you’re moving, so the chairs actually move with the films. You have an effects bar in front of you. Scent comes out and mist while you’re going through a wave in one of our films. We also have fans in the ceiling to create some wind effects, so it’s really an all-around, truly unique experience.”

Guests have to choose wisely, with all of the added elements coming at them

What movies are being shown?

“Here, we don’t play mainstream films,” says Ishizu. “We play, we have five different films right now. Two of them are heavily focused on Hawaii, so they are a preview of what you can see on the islands. Its a really good adventure. Thats “Soaring Over Hawaii,” thats a POV soaring over the islands. We go to Maui, we go to Kauai. And we also have “Adventure Quest Hawaii” which is more of the adventure sports. We have three other films: we have “One Planet, One People.” That you get to see around the world and we also have “Mother Earth” which is a meditative journey. We have a live show that goes with that with Lucy Linch and we also have a roller coaster thrill ride.”

Are there any specials or promos on ticket sales?

“Yes,” says Ishizu. “We offer kama’aina discount. We also have a buy two, get one special. You can buy two films and you one for free. So, you can watch three in one day if you wanted to. Also, with every ticket purchased, you get a free bottle of our Jason Mamoa “Mananalu” water.

This is really cool, and who would have known that Aquaman himself has his own aqua can.

The theatre is open daily from 2 to 9 p.m.

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