Need a recipe to cook up this Fourth of July? Foodland Farms offers tips!

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – Whether you’re heading out to the beach this holiday weekend or celebrating indoors, Chef Keoni Chang from Foodland Farms has the perfect recipe.

“I’m sure everyone’s going to be doing their kalbi and ribs and all that fun stuff and steaks,” said Keoni Chang, Executive Chef of Foodland Farms. “When you think about what else you can do for the grilling and Fourth of July, the side dishes really come to mind for me.”

Chef Chang has the perfect side dish for you whether you’re a seasoned chef or it’s your first time in the kitchen. He suggests making “hurricane corn” or a local version of Mexican street corn.

“So I’m going to take corn, local corn from Ewa. We’ll grill it up, get it nice and charred and get that sweetness to come out. We’ll go ahead and put a little mayonnaise, we’ll put some togarashi, some furikake, put some cilantro, squeeze some lime juice on there.”

If you’re celebrating the Fourth of July from home this year, you can still put this dish together without a grill.

“If you’re indoors and you’re not grilling outdoors, it works really well too. You can just take the corn on the cob and boil it or broil it in the oven, on the broil setting, to lightly char them. You can replicate the dish inside and still have a really great Fourth of July.”

If you’d like to learn other recipes from Chef Chang you can tune into Foodland Farms’ weekly cooking class via Zoom. For more information on Home Cooking with Fooland, click here.

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