HONOLULU (KHON2) — The Navy’s efforts on cleaning the fuel-contaminated water from its pipes continue as the flushing at the Pearl City Peninsula is done at a “system” level.

Flushing from house to house will begin on Tuesday, Dec. 28, through Thursday, Dec. 30, according to the Navy. Two sections of the Aliamanu and Red Hill system piping were also flushed.

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At a Dec. 23 Navy Q&A session, one question said: What is the status of a claims process for civilians affected by the contamination nearly a month into this crisis?

“That is the number one question that the Navy is focusing on right now. That’s been discussed also at my policy, legal and admin working group that was out this morning, yesterday and pretty much every day. That is the biggest focus, maybe Human Resources is working thoroughly to find the solution to help them, and I believe they’re almost there. So that information should be forthcoming.

LCDR Kelly Agha, OIC Personnel Support Detachment

The Navy also said that as sections complete their system flushing, large carbon filters will be moved to other areas. Twenty-one filters have arrived on Oahu since Sunday, Dec. 19, and four more are expected.

These filtration systems were delivered to the Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam by the United States Air Force and cost approximately over $6 million.

Navy officials said one thing to note once the flush is complete is that they will not be going to every house to check if the water is clean. Instead, they will take samples from 10% of the homes in each “flush zone” to assess if the water is safe to drink.

Then, the Navy will test water from several homes monthly for three months, then for every six months after that.

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The cleaning and flushing process is estimated to take between 30 to 45 days.