We went to Iolani Palace where hundreds gathered to observe the 126th anniversary of the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. We spoke to several people about what they thought about the OHA occupation. The people we spoke to don’t know exactly what happened because they were not there.

From what they could gather some didn’t think it was the peaceful way Queen Liliuokalani advocated. One man we spoke to agrees with the Kingdom of Atooi.

“What happened today is a travesty and against the wishes of the Queen. We are in peaceful protest against what has happened to us. We and the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement. And I don’t want people to think this is what all Hawaii activists are all about,” said Healani Sonoda-Pale of Ka Lahui Hawaii Political Action Committee. 

“They did it in a way that was not with aloha so I guess that’s what they’re doing, but that’s not what we stand for at all. We try to do everything with aloha,” said Ruth Bolomet. 

“Everybody, every single individual here, has their own mind and those brothers and sisters who are doing whatever they are doing, I’m not there but we shall see what comes of it,” said Kalani Kalima. 

“I think it’s brilliant, personally. I don’t see this as being anything less pono than the illegal occupation of the Hawaii Kingdom,” said Daniel Anthony. “The history of Hawaii we can’t change but we can change how we move forward. And if we want to gain respect for one another it starts by sitting down. I hope that this can be a catalyst for that to truly happen.”