HONOLULU (KHON2) — A native bat could put a crinkle in a Kahuku Wind Farm Project.

The Hawaii Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge against the habitat conservation plan for the Na Pua Makani wind project. The group called Keep the North Shore Country says the project could potentially kill or injure the opea’pea or Hawaiian Hoary Bat, as well as other endangered species.

They believe Na Pua Makani is not doing enough to protect the species. They’re also contesting the Department of Land and Natural Resources for disregarding recommendations and approving the plan.

“We feel this is an important case for the state regarding our endangered species and the plans to protect them. So we think it’s a really important case for the court to consider,” said Sen. Gil Riviere, who is the president of Keep the North Shore Country.

A court date has not yet been set.

But in a statement, officials with the project say the Na Pua Makani wind project has received all necessary permits and approvals.

“We do not anticipate the Hawaii Supreme Court’s decision will delay the delivery of this vitally-needed renewable energy for Hawaii’s future.”