National Sandwich Day is Nov. 3

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Sunday, November 3 is National Sandwich Day! Time to eat.

Grubhub took a deep dive into sandwich data to find the top sandwich trends in 2019.

Heads up, the B.L.T didn’t make the cut this year.

Most popular sandwiches nationwide
-Hot fried chicken sandwiches were all the rage this year and only fell short to the notoriously popular breakfast sandwich
-Bacon, egg, and cheese: 193% more popular
-Nashville hot fried chicken: 143% more popular
– Chicken and waffle sandwich: 128% more popular
-Pastrami sandwich: 103% more popular
-Tomato and mozzarella: 84% more popular
-Methodology: These sandwiches spiked the most in popularity in 2019 compared to 2018.

Most popular sandwiches by region

The MIDWEST enjoys robust sandwiches that are filling rather than flashy
– Patty melt: 531% more popular
-Italian sausage: 447% more popular
-Corned beef: 398% more popular
-Hot chicken: 266% more popular
-Cheesesteak: 257% more popular

No surprise here, breakfast sandwiches are a key necessity in the NORTHEAST
– Egg and bacon sandwich: 988% more popular
-Meatball parmesan sandwich: 604% more popular
-Eggplant sandwich: 476% more popular
-Salami sandwich: 378% more popular
Cuban sandwich: 350 more popular

Whether it’s bacon or barbecue, pork is the go-to meat in the SOUTH
-Barbecue pork sandwich: 560% more popular
-Honey ham sandwich: 506% more popular
-Shrimp Po boy sandwich: 288% more popular
– Beef brisket sandwich: 193% more popular
-Bacon cheesesteak: 118% more popular

Unlike the rest of the nation, the WEST loves dessert and veggie sandwiches
-Pastrami Reuben sandwich: 478% more popular
-Club sandwich: 451% more popular
-California chicken sandwich: 378% more popular
-Cookie sandwich: 245% more popular
-Croissant veggie sandwich: 185% more popular
Methodology: The sandwiches in their respective region spiked the most in popularity in 2019 compared to 2018

Top Sandwich States
– New Jersey

Pennsylvania’s Top Sandwiches
-Mushroom cheesesteak
-Chicken cheesesteak
-Roast beef
-Buttermilk chicken
-Grilled cheese

Illinois’ Top Sandwiches
-Italian sausage
-Hot chicken
-Corned beef
-Chicken parmesan
-Pulled pork

New Jersey’s Top Sandwiches
-Sloppy Joe
-Chicken parmigiana
-Buffalo chicken cheesesteak
-Roast beef and cheese
-Meatball parmesan

Massachusetts’ Top Sandwiches
-Hot chicken sandwich
-Pastrami sandwich
-Hot eggplant parmesan
-Egg and cheese

Colorado’s Top Sandwiches
-Beef brisket
-Turkey, bacon, and ranch

All information provided by Grubhub.

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