KULA, Hawaii (KHON2) — Two nēnē birds were hit by vehicles in the past two weeks according to the National Park Service at Haleakala National Park. Park officials want drivers to remember to slow down, and watch for wildlife.

A female nēnē was killed early Friday, Jan. 7 just after midnight.

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It happened near the Summit District park entrance station.

Park wildlife biologists saw that she was killed and saw a male nēnē calling out nearby. Park biologists believe he is the mate of the dead female nēnē Nēnē are known to mate for life.

“During nesting season, when a nēnē loses its mate it usually results in total failure for that nēnē family. Any goslings that need rearing are likely to perish without both of its nēnē parents,” said Wildlife Biologist Joy Tamayose. “It may have a chance to find a mate before the next nesting season to try again, but we have observed that nēnē usually do not find another mate for the remainder of the nesting season,” Tamayose said.

A male nēnē was killed on Dec. 23, 2021 in the evening.

It happened near the Headquarters Visitor Center right by the flashing nēnē crossing sign.

This nēnē Was one of the park’s first reported nesting pair with goslings during the nesting season from October to May. The goslings have since died.

Park officials warn that weather conditions such as wind, rain, and poor visibility can make it hard to see the nēnē

Motorists should follow the speed limits and keep an eye out for wildlife.

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If you stop for wildlife, park officials suggest you turn on your hazard lights, allow wildlife to move off the road completely.