WAIALUA, Hawaii (KHON2) — There are finally signs that a trailer container will be removed after it sat on the side of Kaukonahua Road for more than two weeks.

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Property owners behind the trailer told KHON2 News on Monday, Oct. 16 that they saw private contractors doing work to stabilize the 50-foot object. Residents in the area said the crew told them that the workers were preparing the large trailer for removal.

Officials with the City and County of Honolulu confirmed on Tuesday, Oct. 17 that it was not their doing.

The chair of the North Shore Neighborhood Board said the community is grateful for whoever is taking care of it.

“If some good Samaritan wishes to take it on and take care of it for the rest of us so we don’t have to pay for it, God bless them,” Kathleen Pahinui said, “and if they ever decide to come forward, we would like to shake their hand and thank them!”

A private company had previously told the property owners behind the trailer that getting it out would cost around $15,000.

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KHON2 will follow up then the object has been hauled away.