Mysteries of Hawaii: Tales of Kipapa Gulch and Waipahu cemetery

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HONOLULU (KHON2) – Lopaka Kapanui of Mysteries of Hawaii says central Oahu is home to ancient war sites.

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The master storyteller says Kipapa Gulch is known for hosting ancient wars and the chiefs would lay the bodies of their enemies within the Gulch.

“Today, there are developments right on the Gulch,” said Lopaka Kapanui, master storyteller from Mysteries of Hawaii. “There is a bridge that goes over it and there has been so many reports over the years of vehicles stalling. As the person is changing the tire, they can hear voices from below the bridge and people calling their names. Meanwhile, people who live on the Gulch have difficulty with so many things. They lose track of time or they feel someone standing behind them. Sometimes, they’re in the mirror, brushing their hair and one woman said it looked like someone blew their breath on the mirror. They keep going, then they hear their names being called or they feel someone combing out their hair.”

Kapanui says the second most active place in central Oahu is a cemetery next to a school in Waipahu.

“The constant tale has been, you can hear the sound of somebody throwing pebbles from the graveyard and hitting the school bell. Every time people look toward the cemetery, there’s no one there. So it’s almost as if the pebbles are appearing out of nowhere.”

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