You can find all sorts of treasures at a thrift shop.

That’s especially true for a Kauai woman whose discovery has now come full circle.

Shannon Hiramoto loves her muumuu. “I’m always hunting for muumuu, vintage ones. That’s like my hobby,” she said.

One of her recent hunts at the Salvation Army in Lihue led her to an incredible family treasure.

“I saw this beautiful muumuu right here, and I’m like, ooh, a mini one, because you know it’s always fun finding a shorter one,” Hiramoto said. “When I looked at the tag, it said Liberty House, then it also had handwritten on it ‘Kamei,’ and it blew my mind, because that’s my great-grandmother’s name, her last name.”

As you might expect, she bought it and took it home, where she says a feeling came over her — that just maybe she remembered grandma wearing it.

“I just knew that she always liked to wear muumuu that had pink or purple or red, and it seemed familiar in this memory way,” she said. “Then a couple nights later, my mom texts me a photo and it’s this (pointing to muumuu) and it’s her, and it’s a full-body shot and I was just so excited.”

Turns out, not only was that grandma in the colorful print. Hiramoto knew exactly where the photo was taken: in front of United Church of Christ in Hanapepe.

“What’s really special about it is she’s there,” Hiramoto said. “Her ashes, her remains are in the back of the church there, so it was like visiting her again.”

Visit again, she did. Hiramoto captured the moment with a photo, standing in the exact same spot, wearing the same muumuu grandma wore so many years before.

“She passed five years ago, so I have no idea where (the muumuu) had been between that point and now. It’s magic,” Hiramoto said with a laugh. “I think it’s just her way of telling me I’m on the right track.”