HONOLULU (KHON2) — Stephen Brown took the stand today in his trial and said it was his then girlfriend Hailey Dandurand who called the shots and killed Telma Boinville. During his testimony, Brown admitted that he tied up Boinville and her eight-year-old daughter. But, he told jurors that was as far as he went.

Brown told jurors that when he and Dandurand started dating, she always had a fascination with blood.

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“She was a cutter, she liked to cut herself. She would cut herself. I didn’t understand it,” he said.

He said when they broke into the North Shore beach house, it was empty. But, Boinville, who had been hired to clean the house, went inside and surprised both of them. Brown said Dandurand then took over.

“Hailey told her to lay down and told me to grab the rope and run over. I go grab the rope and I bring it back then she started tying her up so I started tying up her legs,” said Brown.

Brown said Dandurand told him to check outside to make sure no one else was around. So, he did that for about 10 minutes, and he said when he came back he was shocked.

“When I came back, there was blood on her. I mean, there was blood on her, there was blood on Telma. There was blood on the ground when I came over,” said Brown.

“Was there blood on Hailey too?” asked William Bagasol, Brown’s attorney.  

“Yeah, there was,” said Brown.

Brown said he tried to check if Boinville still had a pulse, and that’s how he got blood on him also. He said he then went to get Boinville’s daughter to bring her inside and disputed the girl’s testimony from Friday, Jan. 13. The girl had told jurors that Brown said “We killed your mom.”

“I told her that your mom wants you inside. She told me to come and get you, and she came out of the truck and followed me inside,” said Brown.

Under cross examination, the prosecutor pointed out how much bigger and stronger Brown was compared to Dandurand and Boinville and that Brown did things on his own free will.

“You chose to tie her up, right?” asked Deputy Prosecutor Scott Bell.

“I did,” said Brown.

“No one forced you to do it?” asked Bell.

“No,” said Brown.

“You admit that on Dec. 7, 2017 that you intentionally helped in tying up Telma?” asked Bell.

“Yes,” said Brown.

“That you left her in the presence of your girlfriend who had a machete?” asked Bell.

“Yes,” said Brown.

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Brown was the only witness for the defense. Closing arguments are set for Thursday, Jan. 19. We have reached out to Hailey Dandurand’s attorney for comment. Her trial is scheduled for July.