HONOLULU (KHON2) — Crashes come often in one Makiki neighborhood near Dominis Street and Poki Street.

“We’re hearing a loud screech and then a really loud crash,” said Michelle Condry, a Makiki resident.

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Another crash woke up residents Tuesday morning.

“It looked like there were three parties involved,” said Barry Pereza, another Makiki resident.

“We just run over to the lanai to see whose the next victim of the Poki Street and Dominis intersection,” Condry said.

Makiki residents are concerned with the intersection due to low visibility for drivers coming down Poki Street and having to inch almost half way through the intersection to see any oncoming traffic.

The intersection is currently a two-way stop. The City has tried to help with installing no parking signs to clear cars.

“There’s a sign right there, but it’s covered by a tree and that stop sign across the street has recently been knocked down more than once,” Pereza said.

Residents are asking for more to be done.

“We’ve been trying to make it a four-way stop, but unfortunately we haven’t been successful. We’ve been working with the neighborhood board to see if speed bumps could help,” Condry said.

Condry says the City did a traffic study, but concluded that the intersection doesn’t qualify for another stop sign. They’re going back to the drawing board with the neighborhood board’s help.

“They think that a roundabout could be a good idea,” said Ian Ross, Makiki Neighborhood Board Chair. “Other options could be crosswalks for pedestrians that slow drivers down or speed bumps that slow people down.”

The issue will be discussed at the Makiki Neighborhood Board meeting on Thursday.

“We demand action to make this area safer, and we’re going to be making recommendation to DTS about how we can improve this intersection,” said Ross.

Residents are looking forward to putting a stop to this traffic nightmare.

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“Even one accident is too many accidents and at the frequency we do have them,” Condry said. “We just really feel like something should be done.”