HONOLULU (KHON2) — ‘Tis the season, but that could be jarring for your animals.

As more and more illegal fireworks go off close to New Year’s Eve, there are risks that a scared pet could run away from home.

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“We are hearing more incidents of fireworks happening not just around New Year’s Eve and 4th of July which you would normally think about,” Hawaiian Humane Society communications manager Brandy Shimabukuro said.

It’s something pet owners can prepare for on those dates, but the random booms at night can send a stressed-out pet over the edge.

“A lot of dogs that panic it’s the fight or flight mechanism, those dogs are going to sometimes find a way to hide or escape, that’s where we get those dogs who get lost,” Alii Animal Hospital veterinarian Dr. Maureen Rankin said.

Try to keep them indoors at night when fireworks are most likely to go off if you can.

“The biggest thing is we see dogs just jumping the fence we’ve even had some dogs jump out the window if the screen is there and they can get out,” Dr. Rankin said.

Sometimes a spooked pet can still bolt, but you can prepare to hopefully get them back.

“Make sure your pets are microchipped make sure the contact information for those microchips is up to date. We always recommend having a collar with identification maybe your contact phone number because that can actually save your pet’s life if they get out,” Shimabukuro said.

When it comes to New Year’s Eve’s grand finale, there are things you can do to get your animals ready to deal with the stress.

“Anything that’s noise proof, bathrooms are a good idea white noise fans actually there’s classical music works really well for a lot of pets just kind of that calming,” Shimabukuro said.

Dr. Rankin said to contact your vet if your dog has strong anxiety, as anti-anxiety meds can help.

The holidays can bring more danger to your pets from decorations to decadent foods. Pets should avoid spicy or fatty table scraps or chicken and turkey bones. Chocolates can be poisonous to dogs.

It’s also a good idea to keep them away from decorations like tinsel and wrapping paper that they can eat.

“Christmas trees tinsel and shiny things cats love to play with and eat,” Dr. Rankin said, adding that their hospital is usually busier after Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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“Poinsettia this time of year is a great way to share your festive decor but it’s also very toxic for pets so make sure you’re keeping it far out of reach,” Shimabukuro said.