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Gerard Puana was back on the witness stand for cross-examination in the Kealoha trial on Thursday, June 6. 

Defense attorneys tried to portray Katherine Kealoha’s uncle as someone with a bad temper who also had a drug problem. 

The defense also wanted to show that there were inconsistencies in Puana’s earlier testimony for prosecutors. 

The attorney for Katherine Kealoha, Cynthia Kagiwada, questioned Puana about the time when he was at the Sand Island Drug Treatment Center in 2011.

There was an incident when Puana was upset at his roommate. It was because he apparently got some dirt on Puana’s bed.

Kagiwada asked him if it was true that he threatened his roommate. So was he kicked out of the program?

Puana said it wasn’t true.

He testified before that he left the program on his own when he learned it would take two and a half years to complete it. He said Kealoha told him it would take a month to six weeks.

Kagiwada also played a video from the Kealoha security cameras showing Puana driving by the house and throwing a cup of coffee out. Kagiwada said Puana was throwing it at Kealoha. Puana said he was just throwing it toward a trash can. Kealoha was not visible in any of the cameras.

“Unless she’s hiding in the bushes somewhere,” Puana testified.

Kagiwada also asked Puana if it was true that he was making gestures at Kealoha while she was doing a deposition for the civil lawsuit. And so he was forced to leave.

Puana said he left with his mother Florence because Kealoha kept lying through the deposition.

The attorney for Louis Kealoha, Rustam Barbee, pointed out that Puana has no alibi for the night the mailbox was stolen. Puana said he was home but no one can vouch for him.

Barbee and Kagiwada said Puana had been doing crystal meth when he was at the treatment center.

Puana denied it but said he was smoking marijuana.

Barbee also asked Puana if he ever got in any legal trouble related to alcohol abuse. Puana said yes, when he was in his 20’s.

Barbee also pointed out that Louis Kealoha was not involved in the financial dispute between his wife and the Puanas.

A handwriting analysis expert testified that Gerard Puana’s living trust does not match his normal signature. He said there’s a high probability that he did not write it.

He could not say who did.

He also examined Katherine Kealoha’s handwriting. And the expert said the signature of Alison Lee Wong as notary public on the trust could have been written by Kealoha.

The trust names Kealoha as the trustee for the condo that was bought for Puana, using the money from his mother Florence’s reverse mortgage.

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