Moped rider tries to ram his way into Whole Foods

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A good Samaritan captured a man who tried to drive his moped into the Kahala Mall Whole Foods Market during the busy lunch-hour Wednesday — in a video that spread quickly via social media.

We spoke with the man who intervened, and he asked that we not use his name.

He says the moped-riding suspect nearly hit his truck, and then tried to ride through customers into the store — to get at an employee who was holding a bag the suspect had left inside. 

Despite the suspect being on a heavy, motorized vehicle, the good samaritan was able to restrain him until mall security and Honolulu Police arrived to arrest him.

Retail Merchants of Hawaii President Tina Yamaki says in general shoplifting is on the rise and thieves are getting bolder and more aggressive. 

That is why many stores will not give chase.

“No physical merchandise is worth somebody’s life, you know, we’re seeing now where they’re pulling out machetes, they’re pulling out box cutters, they’re coming after Loss Prevention with syringes… And it’s just not worth it.”

As for the good Samaritan, he told us he is not a hero and does not want any public acclaim and that he would absolutely take such action again.

Neither Whole Foods nor Kahala Mall officials could be reached for comment, but in the video, a mall security officer is seen taking a picture of the suspect. 

Mall security says he will likely be barred from entering mall property for up to a year.

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