HONOLULU (KHON2) — Boulders sitting on a hillside in Moanalua Valley have residents feeling unsafe. The hillside is U.S. Army property and residents said the military refuses to do anything about it.

Homeowner Jay Arakawa lives just below the hillside where he can see a couple of boulders estimated at weighing two tons each. He said he has lost his patience with the military because they refuse to do anything to prevent the boulders from crashing down.

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“It’s more than just my property. There are other properties involved. The Army really needs to do an assessment of the hillside and follow that up with a remediation of the rocks that are potentially dangerous,” said Arakawa.

Arakawa has been dealing with this problem for three years. So there’s been many sleepless nights, especially those rainy nights when he’s wondering if one of these boulders will come straight down to his house.

The last email he received from the Army said that they have not identified any areas on the hillside that pose a danger. But Arakawa said if the Army has made an assessment he wants proof.

“If they did, share it with us. As a landowner, I think we have the right to see that assessment,” he said.

There is a culvert that’s supposed to stop the boulders from hitting homes. But it’s filling up with debris and broken branches. He asked state lawmakers for help.

Rep. Linda Ichiyama sent a statement saying, “My office has received several requests for help from Moanalua Valley residents over the years, many of them are frustrated with the lack of action by the U.S. Army Garrison.”

Sen. Donna Mercado Kim said an Army official told her that the issue is getting the money to fix the problem.

“I did tell him that I would love to meet with him and go over how we can get some federal funding through our congressional delegation,” she said.

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Kim said she plans to meet with the Army soon. A spokesman for the Army sent a statement saying,
“Our intent is to work with the homeowner to come to a compromised solution in order to address his concerns. The Army here in Hawaii strives to be a good neighbor to the local communities across Oahu.”