HAWAII COUNTY (KHON2) — What started as a nightmare, with the alleged kidnapping of Mikella DeBina from Anaehoomalu Bay Friday, had a happy ending. The teen was safely returned to her family after she was rescued in Hilo Saturday afternoon.

The news brought relief, joy and cheers from dozens of friends, family and community members who came together to search for her.

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But no one was more relieved than Mikella’s mother, Cher Angelel.

“(Mikella’s) with the Hilo police now,” Angelel said chocking back tears. “We saw her on Facetime. She smiled and waved. She’s okay!”

It’s all thanks to Kori Takaki and Bridge Hartman, strangers who happened to be in the right place, at the right time.

“Kori Takaki, she’s our hero as well as another young man that ripped her away from this abductor,” Takaki said.

Mario Castillo, Cafe Pesto general manager said that his hosts spotted Mikella with the suspect around 11 a.m.

One of the hosts said the suspect was acting a little odd.

Castillo said Hartman stepped in to help when he noticed the teen start crying. That’s when Hartman realized who she was and pulled Mikella away from the suspect, which caused a scuffle.

“(Hartman) went in and grabbed (Mikella) and told everybody else to grab the guy,” Castillo explained. “But the guy went out and his car was right in front.”

Takaki was inside the restaurant having lunch.

“Out of the corner of my eye, I see like a scuffle,” Takaki said.

Takaki said she jumped up to help and by that time Hartman got Mikella away from her alleged abductor.

Takaki said, “It all just happened so fast, where he was bringing her in, and he said, ‘This is her. This is her.’ And I was like, Oh my gosh!”

They took Mikella to a back room and Takaki stayed with her.

“She seemed really scared,” Takaki said. “She was shaking. But she seemed I mean, as good as I could imagine.”

Police took Mikella to Hilo Medical Center and reunited with her parents.

Her alleged abductor, 52-year-old Duncan Mahi, took off after the scuffle at Cafe Pesto, initiating a county-wide manhunt.

Police captured Mahi several hours later in Hilo. Charges are pending.

Mikella’s family is grateful to everyone for all they’ve done and especially to the two heroes in Hilo.

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“I’m just glad to be home and knowing everybody’s safe,” Takaki said. “It was quite the emotional day. Yeah, lots of emotions.”