Miske and associates ‘meticulously planned’ alleged kidnapping and murder

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HONOLULU (KHON2) — Federal prosecutors presented more evidence today saying Michael Miske is a danger to the community, and acted as if he was above the law.

Miske had his first hearing in federal court, where he pleaded not guilty to murder, kidnapping, and more than a dozen other charges.

Federal prosecutors filed a motion for Miske to remain in custody while he’s waiting to go on trial because, they say, he has a penchant for violence, he has lots of money and other resources to help him disappear, and he has a history of obstructing justice by intimidating witnesses.

Court documents say Miske tried to intimidate an HPD officer in 2015, who wanted to give him a ticket for allegedly talking on his cellphone while driving. Records say Miske took off so the officer went to the M Nightclub the next day, which Miske owned. Court records say Miske later called the officer who recorded the conversation. The recording was provided to KHON2 by the officer’s attorney.

Miske: “Don’t be going over there throwing you guys weight around. I can press charges just as much as you can, bruddah.”
HPD Officer: “You can press charges all you want.”
Miske: “Listen, I gon’ go to the top of the food chain, trust me.”

Prosecutors say, “This incident gives a clear view into the “above the law” mindset of MISKE, that he is untouchable and no one, not even a police officer, can tell him what to do.”

Feds say nothing demonstrates Miske’s violence more than the alleged kidnapping and murder of Johnathan Fraser, who was a good friend of Miske’s son Caleb. Feds say it was done, “As retribution for MISKE’s mistaken belief that Fraser was the driver of a vehicle involved in a serious accident from which MISKE’s son, Caleb, eventually died as a result.”

Feds say Miske ordered so many violent attacks, he even had a coded system of communicating the level of violence. Twenty percent meant sufficient harm to intimidate, 50 percent meant enough force to cause physical injury, 80 percent meant injuries that require hospitalization, and 100 percent meant murder.

Feds also raided three of Miske’s homes and his business Kamaaina Termite and Pest Control, and say, “Clearly, MISKE possesses or has access to millions of dollars in assets – at least hundreds of thousands of dollars of which appear to be liquid or readily liquid.”

Miske’s attorney says he will argue for Miske to be released in a detention hearing scheduled on Tuesday.

“Those are unsupported statements that we believe are inaccurate. We look forward to responding to that and seeking pretrial release,” said attorney Tommy Otake.

Miske and six of his alleged co-conspirators appeared in federal court Thursday morning. They all pleaded not guilty.

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